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In Bible Bingo: An Act of Charity…In Two Acts, the parish needs money and the Archdiocese has a new bingo department. Bring the two together and you have a night of bible trivia, audience interaction, improvised moments, and the funniest quiz about the Holy Family you’ve ever seen.

In Christmas Bingo: It’s a Ho-Ho-Holy Night, our favorite bingo caller tackling all of the myths, facts, and trivia surrounding everyone’s favorite time of year, and you have one of the funniest games of bingo you’ve ever played! www.christmasbingo.info

In Convent Bingo: Give the Nuns a Chance! there are seven deadly sins. And seven games of bingo. Coincidence? I don't think so! The premise of this fun, interactive bingo show is that we're raising funds for the nuns. And what better way than to use the lessons they taught us and.....play bingo...the official game of the Catholic Church!
 Movie Bingo: Good, Bad, or Condemned? You turn on the TV and there's nothing good on. Check the local movie theaters and nothing appeals to you? What are you going to do? Play Movie Bingo, of course! There's something for everybody here as we look at movies through the fun lens of our Catholic faith. Which Pope wanted to be an actor? Which movie star became a nun? What movies are condemned by the Catholic church? Lots of Hollywood trivia! And you get to play bingo. What could be more fun?!
 In Saints & Sinners Bingo, you can't have saints if you don't have sinners. They're two sides of the same coin. And the church is filled with examples of both. We take a look at famous saints & notorious sinners, and play bingo. Who would you rather meet: James Brown, the Godfather of Soul....or St. James, whose soul followed Our Father?  Who is the patron saint of police? Why parents don't name their boys Judas. And other, interesting, and...yes, fun trivia questions.

Add to that a box of wacky prizes, fun bingo cards, and a lot of Catholic humor. In these interactive bingo shows, you’ll actually play bingo, and still learn a little something about it means to be Catholic! The shows gets the audience talking about everything from Adam & Eve to modern sins.

You’ll be laughing so hard, you’ll have to be careful watching your bingo cards!


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